Grief Buddy - Description

Inspired By Stanley

I was so inspired by this quote, and the leaves that I am catching out of the corner of my eye as they fall and blanket the ground for the inevitable winter.

“Winter is an etching, spring a water color, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.”
- Stanley Horowitz
I wore a sweater yesterday. I took it off the shelf in my closet and shook it into shape. There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are starting to cover the ground. A month of beautiful color and then winter. Ahh ....the season is changing. Winter, the harshest of seasons around the corner, biting the air .... noticeably changing the horizon with each leaf that falls.

Grief metaphors the four seasons? As does our life?


The four seasons mirror grief? Autumn ....illness. Winter ....death. Spring life. Summer ....abundance.

Autumn grief may last for years ....fighting the inevitable winter. Hope? ....the Indian Summer days. Alas, winter comes.

Winter ....November to April ....six months of gray ....night longer than day. Sheltered in a warm home ....shrouded in layers of clothes. Hibernating ....mourning.

Spring ....buds to flowers and leaves ....the beautiful daffodils and tulips that start the season. The plants and trees that brave the winter ....laden with snow ....twisting for months with the north wind ....become alive again/survive ....grow new foliage.

Summer ....the abundance of flowers, fruits, vegetables ....color, sunshine, birds singing open ....a summer breeze.

Each season different ....each season mirroring griefs path. But grief seasons have no time limit. The winter of grief may fall in July. Grief follows the path of the seasons? does life. The natural gift of the four seasons ....the natural canvas ....we are the paint brush that creates the picture.

We hold the power to open that window for the summer of our grief. To allow the breeze to enter our life and the birds to sing again ....the sunshine to warm our heart. In life ....autumn is the finished canvas ....the time to sign and date the canvas. As with the seasons of grief ....the seasons of life have no time limit.

I am your,


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